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Cloudy with a Chance of Frustration: Reliable Home Automation Is Key


In this post, I’m not going to go into a comprehensive definition of what the cloud is. However, I have noticed that when people talk about the cloud when discussing home automation,
Home automation is about so much more than just control. The automation part means that your devices become aware of each other so that an action on one device automatically triggers an action (or multiple actions) for another.
For example, pausing a movie can ramp up the lights in your home theater, or turning on the A/C can lower the shades in your living room—all of this happening simultaneously.

so companies are creating what is called “cloud logic.”
However, there are two big flaws with this “cloud logic.”
First, since the commands for each device are being processed in the cloud, there is no unity. Pausing a movie won’t automatically turn on my lights because that would require two different devices, two separate apps, and two sets of commands to be sent to the cloud and then sent back to my home.

This is the second flaw with “cloud logic”. As soon as the internet connection fails, everything stops working.
Control4 has always been built around “local automation logic.”